Event attendees appreciate having their photo taken for free. When they go online after the event to view and share their photo, they connect with the sponsor's branding and opt-in to participate in relevant brand activities.

  • Onsite photo capture
  • Photo Access Cards
  • Photo Retrieval
  • Online Activity
  1. A brand ambassador offers to take a free photo of attendees at an event or retail environment.

    Brand ambassadors use the camera to scan the code on the photo access card. This securely links each attendee to only their own photo.

  1. Participants receive a branded card containing the private photo code and a web address of a photo retrieval site.

    Ambassador hands photo access card
  1. Participants log on from their home or office computer and go to a branded photo retrieval site, where they enter their unique photo access code.

  1. Participants willingly answer campaign survey questions before viewing their photo.

  1. Branded photos are delivered together with messaging specific to the sponsoring brand and the particular event they attended. Participants see only their own photo.

  1. Participants share their photo experience with like-minded friends and family.

    After viewing their photo, the consumer enrolls or engages in a branded activity that meets the sponsor's business objectives (see examples)